Living in Fayetteville this past year has been such an amazing and eye opening experience. From meeting new friends and seeing everything Arkansas has to offer I can already tell I love it here. The University of Arkansas campus is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and when the seasons change you can always experience everything in full vibrant colors!

Some of my favorite go to restaurants that I’ve had the pleasure of trying is Wood Stone Craft Pizza for all your cheesy needs, Wasabi for the nights when you crave sushi, Hugo’s for when ya really need a cheeseburger to fight that hangover Sunday afternoon, and finally Tacos 4 Life for when I REALLY miss my most favorite Tex-Mex foods. Another reason why I love this place so much could possibly be because of my favorite place on earth, Fiji. (Insert heart eye emojis)

I was first introduced to said frat when I came to visit UARK and my cousin who just happens to be a Fiji member invited me over to their house to have the grand tour. My eyes could not believe all the beautiful guys that greeted me as soon as I walked through those doors and ever since then I’ve never needed another frat to satisfy my party needs ever again.

But there’s more to life in Fayetteville than just boys, food, and partying… or so I’ve been told but when you find another reason just give me a call! Just kidding, the University itself is amazing and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else to finish my education! I plan on double majoring in English and Journalism and their program here is amazing! I was blessed with some amazing roommates who happen to be some of my bestest friends and almost every weekend you can catch us doing something wacky or adventurous. Just recently we went to a little boutique called Maude in order to shop and take some fun pics for my friends fashion blog which included for a very fun and eventful Saturday afternoon.

Good vibes,


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