Whole Foods

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The past year living as a broke college student has taught me that I can’t always afford to buy that really cute hot pink nail polish I want at Ulta. But what I find myself doing every weekend is shopping at the one place I really can’t afford… Whole Foods. My best friend and college roommate introduced me to the beautiful yet highly expensive world of buying my groceries at Whole Foods my freshman year in college. And now (to the dismay of my bank account) it seems I can’t go back to shopping anywhere else. I tend to wonder if the chicken that I would normally get at my local Kroger or Walmart is Organic, grass-fed, GMO free, or free range and as I further debate about my chicken I find myself to be too spoiled to get any other kind of meat. I know, this is terrible, and really I have no problem with eating microwave velveeta macaroni but honestly its something about being in a Whole Foods supermarket that just makes me want to spend the most to get the very best. Maybe that’s why my dad tells me to avoid shopping there…

All I know is that something strong and maybe even supernatural comes over me when I enter that beautiful and organic store that reminds me a lot like how Target affects most people. I go in there thinking I’m only going to buy a pineapple and some turkey meat for the week and I end up leaving with a full shopping cart and an empty wallet. To this day I still wonder why I continuously put myself through the pain of shopping at a store that is known for being a tad too expensive for its products. All I know is that now that I’m preparing my own food and buying my own groceries I have become a little too sensitive to the costs of produce than I am about clothing and makeup. #adulting

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