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On the way to my nationals show offs in Dallas, I was carelessly listening to music, staring out the window at all the scenery the big city offered, when I noticed a billboard sign that read,” Real christians obey Jesus’ teachings.” Obey was underlined and the key word on the board. Immediately I started feeling my heart beating faster and I could tell I was getting angry. But why? Why was I involuntarily getting mad? That’s what we are taught right? Obey. Do this and that right. Stray from sin. OBEY. Why was I so bothered by this? Is it because I am not obedient?  (I am actually one of the biggest rule followers out there and have been since birth. Thats why math is my thing: its just a bunch of rule following) After much thought and questioning why I was so bothered, I came to a conclusion: Though what…

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Spelunking 101: Devils Den National Park, AR

One word that best describes me is definitely spontaneous. So when a friend randomly asks if you would like to go exploring some caves with them over the weekend, well the answer is always (heck) yes! If anyone knows me personally, they know that I have hardly any experience with things like hiking or camping or being outdoors for extended periods of time and this might come to them as a surprise that I actually had so much fun my first time spelunking!

A friend of mine texted and had asked if my roommates and I would like to go with him to check out some cool caves and without any outside help, map, nor guide, we set out alone in search of some rocks to climb on. What’s ironic is that as soon as we get to the site it says that all caves were supposedly closed due to the bats that inhabit them have a nasty case of a disease called “white nose” or something to that affect. (This did not deter us and in fact we fearlessly came into close contact with said diseased bats.)

I would definitely recommend spelunking to everyone and even for those who don’t get out like I do. It’s definitely rewarding all the climbing involved as well as the part where you almost die because your balance is as terrible as mine. The one thing I would do differently and recommend for you to do is actually have someone who is experienced with the caves you’re going to and has spelunkers before because there were times when I thought a search team might of had to help us out in case we got stuck 200 feet below the ground.


Happy Spelunking!