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On the way to my nationals show offs in Dallas, I was carelessly listening to music, staring out the window at all the scenery the big city offered, when I noticed a billboard sign that read,” Real christians obey Jesus’ teachings.” Obey was underlined and the key word on the board. Immediately I started feeling my heart beating faster and I could tell I was getting angry. But why? Why was I involuntarily getting mad? That’s what we are taught right? Obey. Do this and that right. Stray from sin. OBEY. Why was I so bothered by this? Is it because I am not obedient?  (I am actually one of the biggest rule followers out there and have been since birth. Thats why math is my thing: its just a bunch of rule following) After much thought and questioning why I was so bothered, I came to a conclusion: Though what…

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