Common Grounds

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetAttention coffee lovers!! I’ve discovered a rad little shop in Waco, TX that serves some great coffee with an authentic atmosphere! I visited Common Grounds for the first time a few days ago per request from some of my girlies that go to Baylor University and DBU. They all swore up and down that I would love it and they weren’t wrong! So, if you’re ever around I highly suggest curing your caffeinated addictions with some savory coffee in this quirky hangout.

P.S. you can find my Mumu dress at Show Me Your Mumu and its even on sale! 😉

5 Summer Must Haves

Here are some fab products that are perfect for you to try out during the summer! Now that I’m home for the summer and school is over it’s time to relax and that means stocking up on all the products that make me feel great. For starters, one product I can’t live without is my Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Lotion. The Eucalyptus Spearmint smell instantly relaxes me and everyone I know who has tried it loves this product as well!

The next product I’ve recently tried has rapidly become more and more popular and trendy and that would be face masks! After coming home from a long day at school or work I would sit down, put on my face mask, and binge watch my current Netflix obsession. Tony Moly is my favorite face mask brand at the moment and they cater to all facial needs! Whether it be to illuminate your skin, brighten it, or to cleanse your pores they have a mask for just about anything!

I’ve also recently tried the up and coming trend of whitening your teeth with a charcoal toothbrush! Free People sell them and that’s where I originally bought my first one but if you want a drugstore buy then Target sells the toothpaste for pretty cheap online!

The next essential on my list is something I always keep under my sink at home! Lavender smelling Bath Salts are a must when I take my night time baths and I especially love the brand Evolution which you can totally buy online at Walmart. 😉

Last but not least, I always have my handy dandy planner on me! I love Rifle Paper Co. for their beautiful floral planners that are just big enough to fit my crazy schedule but not too big where it won’t easily fit into my purse/backpack. A relative of mine always jokes that I live in the 90’s because everything is online or can be put in your phone to remind you. But I would much rather see it on paper and hold it in my hands!

I hope you enjoy these 5 products if you choose to try them out! Comment below if maybe you see some that you already use! I hope everyone has a relaxing Sumer!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The End of an Era

Well, I finally took the plunge and went blonde!! No longer am I a bored brunette but say hello to a blonde one! After having the crazy year that I’ve had I decided to do something a little drastic and change things up a bit. Thanks to my AMAZING hair stylist Lyndi who always works her magic on me, I was able to finally go blonde and now I never want to look back! I also wanted to take this chance to model my NEW Free People Jeans that I recently purchased and absolutely LOVE them!! I hope everyone is having a great and relaxing summer so far.


So, for Mother’s Day I decided to book a reservation with the fam bam to a restaurant in Dallas called Stirr, and I absolutely LOVED it!! The food there was amazing and the ambience was perfect. My family and I actually know the Chef who prepared the menu for the restaurant and that’s how we first heard about it! We hadn’t yet tried his new place so I figured Mother’s Day brunch would be the best time to book a reservation and they did not disappoint! Chef Chad always prepares the best food for us and I couldn’t complain about anything, but I believe he is currently working at a new Dallas restaurant called Abacus. Anyways, I highly recommend that if you are ever in the Dallas area you should definitely enjoy Stirr’s  lunch menu or check out their bar scene at night!

Curtsy Photoshoot

Wow I would just like to give a HUGE thank you to the Curtsy team for this beautiful photoshoot and for allowing us to spread the word! Curtsy is a great app that anyone can download and it gives you the option of either buying/renting your fave dresses for low prices, and just in time for formal season! Use the discount code MADELINE15 for 15% off your curtsy purchase! It was such a joy to be able to end my freshman year on such a fun note.