Vancouver, British Columbia

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Lately I’ve been super busy with my summer internships but was so happy when I found out I was able to take a day off from work in order to go to Vancouver for Father’s Day weekend! Even though I was only here for a short while I still had such an amazing time.

We went to a place called Fly Over Canada and it was so much fun!! I totally recommend everyone to go there if you’re like me and have never been to anywhere in Canada. It takes you through an interactive ride/tour over basically all of Canada. You get to see all the scenic routes and beautiful landscapes that really made it seem like you were flying over Canada!

Then we went to the Museum of Anthropology which is supposed to be like one of the best anthropology museums in the world! They had so many amazing pieces and it was so wonderful to see all the different cultures reflected in their artifacts.

We also had an outdoor dinner at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club with some friends and the sunset was so beautifully reflected off the mountains, I know that’s something I’ll always remember.

We also went to the Vancouver Art Gallery which was super fun and different from the usual museums I’m used to going to in Fayetteville and Dallas! 10/10 recommend for everyone to stop by and get a taste of Canadian art.

Now it’s just a relaxing Sunday and we’re trying to watch the University of Arkansas baseball game vs. the Texas Longhorns but unfortunately Canada doesn’t get US college Baseball channels/websites so I’m just texting my friends for updates lol.

Have you ever been to anywhere in Canada before? I’d like to one day come back and go to Banff! It’s so pretty there and it’s definitely on my bucket list. Do ya’ll have any suggestions of places I should go to next? Comment below! 🙂

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