Vancouver, British Columbia

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Lately I’ve been super busy with my summer internships but was so happy when I found out I was able to take a day off from work in order to go to Vancouver for Father’s Day weekend! Even though I was only here for a short while I still had such an amazing time.

We went to a place called Fly Over Canada and it was so much fun!! I totally recommend everyone to go there if you’re like me and have never been to anywhere in Canada. It takes you through an interactive ride/tour over basically all of Canada. You get to see all the scenic routes and beautiful landscapes that really made it seem like you were flying over Canada!

Then we went to the Museum of Anthropology which is supposed to be like one of the best anthropology museums in the world! They had so many amazing pieces and it was so wonderful to see all the different cultures reflected in their artifacts.

We also had an outdoor dinner at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club with some friends and the sunset was so beautifully reflected off the mountains, I know that’s something I’ll always remember.

We also went to the Vancouver Art Gallery which was super fun and different from the usual museums I’m used to going to in Fayetteville and Dallas! 10/10 recommend for everyone to stop by and get a taste of Canadian art.

Now it’s just a relaxing Sunday and we’re trying to watch the University of Arkansas baseball game vs. the Texas Longhorns but unfortunately Canada doesn’t get US college Baseball channels/websites so I’m just texting my friends for updates lol.

Have you ever been to anywhere in Canada before? I’d like to one day come back and go to Banff! It’s so pretty there and it’s definitely on my bucket list. Do ya’ll have any suggestions of places I should go to next? Comment below! ūüôā

Dubai (2017)

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An aquarium inside a Mall?! I think yes!


My first time at Shake Shack and my first time in Dubai!

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The view from the world’s tallest tower

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Dubai had one of the best skylines I had ever seen!

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At Ski Dubai in the Burj Khalifa Mall

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Who knew you could ski in the middle of the desert in Dubai with over 100 degree weather?!

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The Burj Khalifa Tower aka the world’s tallest tower aka the one from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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Seriously in love with this dress from Hazel and Olive Boutique in TX ūüôā

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Afternoon tea with some friends! It was way too hot to take this picture outside!

I recently went on a tour and traveled to three countries and my first stop was Dubai! I absolutely fell in love with this place and had such an amazing time! I have always loved traveling ad seeing all the different cultures that I actually considered being an Anthropology Major!

My first day there I knew it would be hot but when we walked to have lunch literally right across the street from our hotel, I was absolutely covered in sweat! I couldn’t believe how hot it was and it was only 106 degrees there which is not the record high for a normal day!! We soon realized why we also never saw anyone walking around during the day because everyone does everything at night! The nightlife here was absolutely insane and I even almost was able to see the local Dubai prince at the Burj Khalifa Mall.

After spending two and a half days here while I was on my tour I really wish I could have stayed longer and gotten to experience more of the local side of things! Also, the fact that inside the Dubai Mall there was a massive aquarium AND a full size skating rink was absolutely insane. Not to mention a full blown freaking Ski Resort in a separate mall!! If you told me a few years ago that I would be skiing in a 120 degree desert in Dubai, I would think you were insane!

All in all I would have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Dubai and hopefully one day I can go back and maybe even see Abu Dhabi while I’m in the area! ūüėČ

P.S. Gotta say a special thx to Hazel and Olive Boutique¬†for the two awesome dresses I’m seen pictured in above!


Common Grounds

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetAttention coffee lovers!! I’ve discovered a rad little shop¬†in Waco, TX that serves some great coffee with an authentic atmosphere! I visited Common Grounds for the first time a few days ago per request from some of my girlies that go to Baylor University and DBU. They all swore up and down that I would love it and they weren’t wrong! So, if you’re ever around I highly suggest curing your caffeinated addictions with some¬†savory coffee in this quirky¬†hangout.

P.S. you can find¬†my Mumu dress at Show Me Your Mumu and its even on sale! ūüėČ

Spelunking 101: Devils Den National Park, AR

One word that best describes me is definitely spontaneous. So when a friend randomly asks if you would like to go exploring some caves with them over the weekend, well the answer is always (heck) yes! If anyone knows me personally, they know that I have hardly any experience with things like hiking or camping or being outdoors for extended periods of time and this might come to them as a surprise that I actually had so much fun my first time spelunking!

A friend of mine texted and had asked if my roommates and I would like to go with him to check out some cool caves and without any outside help, map, nor guide, we set out alone in search of some rocks to climb on. What’s ironic is that as soon as we get to the site it says that all caves were supposedly closed due to the bats that inhabit them have a nasty case of a disease called “white nose” or something to that affect. (This did not deter us and in fact we fearlessly came into close contact with said diseased bats.)

I would definitely recommend spelunking to everyone and even for those who don’t get out like I do. It’s definitely rewarding all the climbing involved as well as the part where you almost die¬†because¬†your balance is as terrible as mine. The one thing I would do differently and recommend for you to do is actually have someone who is experienced with the caves you’re going to and has spelunkers before because there were times when I thought a search team might of had to help us out in case we got stuck 200 feet below the ground.


Happy Spelunking!



Living in Fayetteville this past year has been such an amazing and eye opening experience. From meeting new friends and seeing everything Arkansas has to offer I can already tell I love it here. The University of Arkansas campus is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and when the seasons change you can always experience everything in full vibrant colors!

Some of my favorite go to restaurants that I’ve had the pleasure of trying is Wood Stone Craft Pizza for all your cheesy needs, Wasabi for the nights when you crave sushi, Hugo’s for when ya really need a cheeseburger to fight that hangover Sunday afternoon, and finally¬†Tacos 4 Life¬†for when I REALLY miss my most favorite Tex-Mex foods. Another reason why I love this place so much could possibly be because of my favorite place on earth, Fiji. (Insert heart eye emojis)

I was first introduced to said frat when I came to visit UARK and my cousin who just happens to be a Fiji member invited me over to their house to have the grand tour. My eyes could not believe all the beautiful guys that greeted me as soon as I walked through those doors and ever since then I’ve never needed another frat to satisfy my party needs ever again.

But there’s more to life in Fayetteville than just boys, food, and partying… or so I’ve been told but when you find another reason just give me a call! Just kidding, the University itself is amazing and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else to finish my education! I plan on double majoring in English and Journalism and their program here is amazing! I was blessed with some amazing roommates who happen to be some of my bestest friends and almost every weekend you can catch us doing something wacky or adventurous. Just recently we went to a little boutique called Maude in order to shop and take some fun pics for my friends fashion blog which included for a very fun and eventful Saturday afternoon.

Good vibes,


What Happens in Vegas

Recently I had¬†traveled to Las Vegas during my first winter break of my freshman year and boy was that a different experience from the time I went with a friend when I was ten. Between going to Cirque du Soleil shows, eating at some of the coolest restaurants,¬†and sightseeing Vegas had treated me well!¬†My boyfriend had just broken up with me prior to visiting Vegas so we all know the saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and you better believe¬†I used that throughout the trip to try and forget my heartache and boy drama. I highly recommend going to Vegas if you ever feel like moving on from a guy. Go see a concert girlfriend or go pay a visit to the Men Down Under aka the local strip show for us gals and forget about that loser! This time around I stayed at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Hotel and it didn’t disappoint with it’s inclusive Aquarium and Maroon 5 concert the day before New Years Eve. Not going to lie¬†I rated them 5 out 0f 5 stars on Travelocity as soon as I got home mainly because there were so many hottie toddy’s there for New Years Eve. The glistening lights of all the casinos, the never ending smell of cigarette smoke and bustling noise of so many people in Sin City gave me a new thrill for life that I can’t exactly explain. But if you haven’t been to Vegas yet I would definitely recommend going if not for the night life than at least for the interesting people who live and work there.

Traveling is definitely a way of life for me and my family and I am so blessed to be able to say I’ve been to many different and amazing places!¬†Vegas holds a special place in my heart for the fast paced and twirling life that screams resistance and rebellion to me. From going to art museums to seeing the shows I now know the real meaning behind the saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ because there’s no other place in the world quite like that city in the middle of the Nevada desert that thrives off of life in a place where there should be none.