Review: Netflix’s ‘The Society’ is Unoriginal and Plagiarized

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With a new crop of Netflix shows arising amongst the midst of up-charging its users, you would think that some of the shows they’d provide would be semi-decent. But I’ve found several to be… lacking.

One in particular that has my blood boiling is Netflix’s (supposed) “original” series, ‘The Society’. But I’m here to say is a complete rip-off of the New York Bestselling Novel Gone by Michael Grant.

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“The Society,” is a teenage melodrama with a concoction of hormonal impulses and moral dilemmas, it can be daffy and even a little dumb, but it has some thematic ambition, a talented cast, eventful episodes and a core mystery that may keep you hanging on through its 10-episode first season, even when you know the answers will be less interesting than the questions.

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It takes place in West Ham, Conn., a picture-book New England community afflicted by a powerful bad smell of untraceable origin. While it is supposedly being sorted out, five busloads of high school students “over the age of 16” are packed off on a field trip and awaken, after some spooky bad weather turns them around, in what appears to be their hometown, but without any of the people they left behind. The smell is gone too.

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Once the trailer started playing, I immediately saw it for what it was, plagiarism. If a series is to be deemed “original” then shouldn’t its very foundation differ from that of a widely known series? And to top it off it can also be linked to other books and series such as Stephen King’s Under the Dome meets the CW’s The 100 meets Lost meets The Breakfast Club (everything teenage meets The Breakfast Club, still,) meets a billion other things, with Lord of the Flies waiting in the wings. It’s a sci-fi Dawson’s Creek, a supernatural Pretty Little Liars. Honestly, there’s too many to choose from so, take your pick.

But by far I’ve found that ‘The Society’ most closely and almost exactly follows the story and character development that of the Gone series. So, I suggest if you’re looking to support a truly ORIGINAL series that follows these elements, try reading this first and then try watching a show too closely related to not be considered Hollywood plagiarism.

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