The Stress of Studying

Lately I’ve been hit with exam after exam, paper after paper, and on top of that I have projects in all of my classes. But I’ve learned that that’s just college and you have to find a system that works for you with keeping up with all of these activities. My system is this chair in my sorority house. Every day (literally) I come to the Alpha Omicron Pi house and sit in this very chair and study my butt off.  For me this is essential that I snag this chair because it’s just far away from my sisters that I won’t be bothered but still close enough for me to peak my head around the corner and see whats up.

Staying organized has been a toughie for me due to the overwhelming stress that comes with exam week, yet I’ve found I’ve been able to stay afloat due to the miraculous invention of sticky notes and a daily planner. I carry these two bad boys around with me everywhere I go and it proves to come in handy for when I need to spontaneously write a reminder or check my schedule to see if I have enough time to eat lunch (this actually happens).

Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing because ultimately this place is my home and I love the idea that all of this will pay off in a couple years when I get my degree and start my journey as a functioning adult in society. So until then I’ll just hang tight in my favorite chair and sip on some coffee while I work and study off of two hours of sleep.